tiistai 1. joulukuuta 2015

This year Christmas came early!


This time a Finnish miniature house enthusiastic is indeed treated well! In the city of Turku (in the southwest of Finland) there is an exciting exhibition; 12 dollhouses from the collection of London V & A Museum of Childhood!
Last Sunday Christmas came early for me, as my dear friends took me for a day trip to Turku. I had a lovely opportunity to spend some time with friends and especially see those fantastic historical dollhouses! Here are some detail photos of the collection, which are of course familiar to some of you, but a real treat for me. (Can't remember every house's name, but maybe you can refresh my memory)?

The Tate Baby House

Box Back Terrace House

Whiteladies House

This Art Deco - style house from 1935 was my absolute favorite! Happy days by the pool and on the roof terrace, who wouldn't want to live in a house like this?

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  1. Hi Anna, I don't know what I love more the art deco house or the figures using the house. It all looks so old Hollywood like. Building a modern dollhouse is going on my to do list. How's winter coming along in Finland? ...hoping for snow overhere but until now it's rain, rain and even more rain :(
    Hugs AM

    1. Cheers, AM! An Art Deco style house is definitely on my list for the second miniature house to build, but unfortunately I've got to to finish my ever lasting fist building job first!
      I've never fancied dolls in my dollshouse, but must admit that those figures in they 1935's house look fantastic! Maybe I could try to make some alike.
      Thanks for asking, but there's unfortunately no sign of winter in Helsinki so far. I guess there's plenty of snow in the north but alas not down here in the south. Here it's more or less rain, rain and more rain!
      Take care and by the way: Your church windows and the brick wall look absolutely fantastic! You are so talented, that it's amazing!