lauantai 19. syyskuuta 2015

A stairway to the 7th heaven?

Hi there!

Our workshop for building miniatures started again last week, hooray!
I decided to begin this autumn with my most  pet peeve object, the stairs! Have you read this before?
Me making those ghastly stairs??

Honestly, this time there is something really happening. First I sawed the frames of the stairs and then  I sawed the actual steps... All 60 pieces of them! (There are three floors + the attic in my miniature house, so...)
Yesterday I painted the frames shining black and tonight I begun to glue the steps on their places. So far eight steps are glued on their places and now there are only 52 steps waiting for their turn, but what else could I do on Saturday evening?

Otto-the-dog still finds my hobby very boring and he continuously tries to get some attention, so must go now!

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