tiistai 22. tammikuuta 2013

Window frames

What a joy!

For the last evenings and Sundays prepairing window frames has been my favorite pastime (not!!) It takes some cutting, painting with the base coat and sanding. It takes tons of my friend Oiva the Rapid Filler, more sanding and at least a thousand coats of paint between all that sanding, aaargh! It asks for nerves and it's frustrating!
Up there is a picture of a pile of half done frames and if I sound like a martyr, that's only because I am! (When it comes to painting little objects).
First my plan was to make simple window frames and paint them gray, that's it!. Then I realized they are not looking good enough (for me, of course). So I decided to add those tiny (white, painted by yours truly) bits to 'add some character'. So here we go again! I've at least doubled my jod and cutting and painting even smaller pieces! Somebody stop me! 

To be continued...

2 kommenttia:

  1. Hi Anna, it your rapid filler soul mate from the Netherlands! ;)
    I like the color you used on the windows. I am gonna browse your blog a bit more. gr. AM

  2. Hi there, my rapid filler soul mate! It was nice to read your comment and hey, keep up the good work!