keskiviikko 8. huhtikuuta 2015

Model Expo 2015

Hi there!

Tomorrow I will transport my attic to Helsinki Exhibition Center where annual Model Expo show will take place from Friday till Sunday. These last days before the event have been quite stressful; lights working, lights not working, working again... Last minute painting jobs and so on...
Niilo-the-dog is ready to go and hopefully I'll find the happy spirit too!

There is a guest room at the attic and it's furnished quite simply. At the moment less is more and I think one would have sweet dreams in a room like this.

Furnishing miniature rooms is quite nice in fact. Many of these furniture mean memories; Gray table is from London and alas, it came out of my suitcase with a broken leg. Now mended and painted!
In the corner the armchair is a gift from one of my ex-colleagues and this chair is to blame of my hobby! 
The turquoise
chair is actually made of iron but it looks like a wooden one. It's a souvenir from Upsala, Sweden.  Brown leather bag and the old books are from Barcelona.

On the gray table there are some peonies in a vase and somebody seems to be enjoying coffee and cupcake too. Those as well as the binoculars on the side table are my latest purchase. They are from  Absolutely fantastic work and great quality they are!

And then there is the attic of course! My, my! It would need some clearing, but there's no help around at the moment! As you all know, attics are spaces where all "I may need this some day" - things gather...
The ugly gray box on the wall is my attempt to hide a battery of the lightning. Must do something about it...

There are some old toys, christmas decorations, old newspapers, floor lamp, empty bottles, etc. etc.
Souvenirs from 1:1 holidays, something self made and some flee market findings. Something I may need some day!

I hope that you enjoy these pictures and would very much appreciate your comments, thank you!

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  1. Poikani kommentti, että oletko tehnyt kaiken todella itse? Sekä sähkölaatikko on hieno.


    1. Kiitos teille! Tietenkin monet esineistä ja huonekaluista on ostettu, mutta aika paljon olen tehnyt itsekin. Mukavaa, että sähkölaatikko miellytti! Ehkä voisimme joskus kokeilla A:n kanssa jotain pientä projektia sähköistyksineen? Homma kyllä vaatii aika lailla kärsivällisyyttä, mutta toisaalta myös kasvattaa sitä...

  2. Olisi varmaan mielenkiintoista. Näprääminen kun on aina ollut lähellä 💗:tä

  3. Hyvä! Katsotaanpa mitä saisimme aikaiseksi.