keskiviikko 30. tammikuuta 2013


Is there a busybody living in our flat or what?

I just couldn't stop myself! You know, night was still young etc. and to be honest, I couldn't face an other sleepless night. So, here you are, boys and girls! A dozen of finished window frames. Well finished for today anyway... I did it! Good night!


Olen saanut ensimmäisen virallisen seuraajan blogilleni ja vieläpä Alankomaista! Pitäisi melkein järjestää juhla tämän iloisen tapauksen johdosta, mutta työ kutsuu... Olen asettanut itselleni tämän illan takarajaksi painajaismaiselle ikkunaprojektilleni, joten ei muuta kuin sahat ja pensselit esille!  Toisaalta ilta on vielä nuori ja huomenna on päivä uus ja takarajat ovat nipottajia varten jne....

I've got my very first official reader for this blog, happy days! This would really call for celebration, but alas, work calls... It is deadline for my nightmare window frame project today but on the other hand, deadlines are for busybodies and the night is still young, plus: tomorrow is an other day. Cheers!

tiistai 29. tammikuuta 2013

Some light in the end of a tunnel

See? Already eight window frames have got an other coat of paint on them and there are only four more to finish of this lot. First I thought to leave the frames sanded and looking worn, but what the hell, once one gets started painting it's a bit difficult to stop it. (In fact I still quite hate painting, but  enjoy the finished work).  So I've struggled two fraims per evening and tomorrow these should be ready, hallelujah!
Back to the paint brush!

tiistai 22. tammikuuta 2013

Window frames

What a joy!

For the last evenings and Sundays prepairing window frames has been my favorite pastime (not!!) It takes some cutting, painting with the base coat and sanding. It takes tons of my friend Oiva the Rapid Filler, more sanding and at least a thousand coats of paint between all that sanding, aaargh! It asks for nerves and it's frustrating!
Up there is a picture of a pile of half done frames and if I sound like a martyr, that's only because I am! (When it comes to painting little objects).
First my plan was to make simple window frames and paint them gray, that's it!. Then I realized they are not looking good enough (for me, of course). So I decided to add those tiny (white, painted by yours truly) bits to 'add some character'. So here we go again! I've at least doubled my jod and cutting and painting even smaller pieces! Somebody stop me! 

To be continued...

lauantai 12. tammikuuta 2013

A hat box

Friend of mine gave me a hat box for a Christmas present. It's really pretty and I though that there should be a hat box in my house's attic too. You know, hidden in some corner... Or maybe even more than just one? This is the first ever miniature hat box I've made and making it was so fun that I think this is not going to be the last one. Maybe it's a bit too high, but as they say: Practice makes perfect.

keskiviikko 9. tammikuuta 2013

About the house

You may have read my previous blog but if not, here's a short update about what's going on.
Well, it's all about a dollshouse which I've been building for a few years. And the work is still going on. The house has now tree floor plus an attic. There are not going to be seen any dolls in this house
because I simply do not like dolls. But in my imagination Mr. and Mrs. Oiva and their dog Niilo are going to move into this building when it's finished. And when will my house be finished, heaven knows!
Oiva is an oldfashioned Finnish word and also a men's name that could be translated something like jolly or jolly good. Oiva is also a trade mark for a Finnish paint manufacturer's Rapid Filler. For years I've reminded my fellow dollshouse builders that Oiva is a girl's best friend! If there appears any unwanted scrape in the wood or any other misfortune Oiva is the answer to the proble. and believe me, I've used about a litre of it so far!

sunnuntai 6. tammikuuta 2013


Loppiainen päättää joulun ja samalla kun laitoin joulukoristeet pois, jätin hyvästit vanhalle blogilleni. Sain alkuviikosta blogini asetukset niin sekaisin, etten saanut sitä enää palautettua alkuperäiseen muotoonsa ja päätin aloittaa uuden vuoden kunniaksi ihan alusta. Kätevää!
Toivottavasti seuraat taloni edistymistä täällä uudessa osoitteessa, Oivalassa.