perjantai 5. heinäkuuta 2013

Vanha uskollinen Poni - Old Faithful

Today was the last weekday before my four week summer vacation, and it really didn't come too soon! Come rain or shine, I'm going to enjoy the feeling of wakeing up without an alarm clock shouting beside my pillow! Though because of the difficult situation we have an alive alarm clock, Otto, staying more often with us, even he doesn't wake up at 6 am, bless him!
We don't have any specific plans for holidays, but no doubt we'll spend some time at the summer cottage. There's always Old Faithful, Poni, waiting for us on the window sill...

For past few days I have surfed at miniature/dollhouse blogs. (Please don't tell anyone, because I suppose it's something you're not supposed to do at work)? BUT! I've found some really inspirational blogs and at this point I want to thank Patricia Ladan for joying my readers! I'm so sorry I don't speak any French, but surely you'll know what I mean when I say Your work is fantastic! 
And talking about those French! Have you seen the blog Travel to Siam by Patrick Duclou? His miniature works are a real pleasure for the eye! (I really must learn how to add the links to all those wonderful blogs, help!) but until next time, enjoy the weekend!


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  1. Hello Anna,
    Thank you so much for your kind words about Patricia's blog and mine. Patricia is French and I am French too but I live in Thailand because of my job. I really enjoy sharing my projects with other people throughout the world. It's amazing to see that people contact you from so many different countries.
    For the link, let me teach you.
    First, visit the site you want to recommand,
    then start writing your blog.
    When you want to add a link, type the name of the site (for example, my blog is called Travel to Siam) in your text. Now highligt it with the mouse. It will become blue, I think.
    Now, click on link above the blog (the lines with all the symbols, where you add pictures to your blog) Can you see it? LINK
    Then click on it.
    A dialogue box opens, it says
    Link to web adress
    To what URL should this link go?
    Then now copy my website's adress in the box
    then click OK
    you're done!:)
    I am afarid my explanations are a bit long but follow them and it should work
    Have a great weekend