keskiviikko 10. heinäkuuta 2013

New staircase


Should  I say Oh la la!
After my last post Patrick kindly explained to me how to add an link to your text. So here we go boys and girls, these are one of my favorite blogs at this moment and Patrick, thank you for saving me from reading boring instructions!

After a few days at summer cottage we're back at home and because it seems there is a thunder coming our way, I decided it's a good moment to catch up with my house project. And because there's nobody stopping me, I decided to build the stairs once again. Yes, I seem to do everything at least twice with this project... I told earlier this spring that some of my staircases wen't broken during the exhibition. That was a bit frustrating, but I've also noticed that my precent staircases do not really fit the hole where they are supposed to fit, and that's more than a bit frustrating, grrrrr!
Anyway, now I've started and at least most of the bannisters stayed unharmed, so they won't need much attention.

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