perjantai 11. huhtikuuta 2014

C'est la vie!

This is how I last saw my house yesterday when I left it at Helsinki Exhibition Center. There is the annual Model Expo held this weekend and just like last year, my house has already faced some little damage.
It's a pity I didn't have my camera with me earlier this week, because now I don't have any evidence
of my fitted and glued balusters! They really were fine for about 30 minutes, but alas! The first part detached during the transportation from our workshop back home and the rest clicked off yesterday. I say! What kind of rubbish epoxy glue they sell these days! Now my house is on show, nearly finished (the facade) repaired with a lot of masking tape, oh my!
I phoned my friend at the scene today, because I was at day job and couldn't get to the fair. She told me that they had got many offers for my house during the day, and if I won't show myself at the place in time tomorrow, they'll sell the house for the first buyer. Panic! Must set the alarm clock on early for tomorrow! After all  I'm not ready to apart my ugly duckling monster yet!

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