tiistai 15. lokakuuta 2013


Hi there! In case you couldn't quess, I've been building chumneys for past few days. On the top part of these chimneys you can still see some glued semolina, which I'm goin to paint grayish black as concrete is. The grout became a bit too white, though I added some gray pigment with it, but never mind! I'll try to make both grout and tiles look old and worn out and, hurrah!!! I'll get to paint the tubes inside black! That shouldn't be too difficult? The lower parts of the chimneys I'm going to cover with the same tin as the roof. A touch of matt black paint and that's it!

3 kommenttia:

  1. Hi Anna, fantastic job on the brick work. It looks very realistic. Great find, using semolina to create faux concrete!!! Gonna borrow that trick! Ofcourse giving you all the credit! ;)
    Hug AM

  2. Well, tnx my friends! AM, you are very welcome to borrow the semolina trick, but I really can't take any credit about it. The trick is very commonly used among us miniature builders up here in the north.
    Waiting eagerly to see tomorrow what you've done with your house!