torstai 3. huhtikuuta 2014

So frustrating!

Today I had a good feeling on my way to our weekly miniature house building session. I was really in the mood for fitting and finally attaching the banisters I've made.
Well, instead I managed to 1) drill two right size holes, 2) cut and lose one drill bit and finally 3) glue the handles of my balcony doors (as a miracle) spot on... But all this took me nearly three hours, so it wasn't really my evening after all!
In fact I did also saw off some extra bits of the railings, showed the railings a lot of sandpaper, sweated (a lot) from the palms of my hands and realized there's still one building session next week before the annual Model Expo of Helsinki! Iiik, panic!!
Oh well, this wouldn't be the first time I show some unfinished work at the expo. And! the door handles sit tight on their places, I've finished and glued the windows on their places and! there's still next week for the final trimming of the balcony.

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