torstai 27. marraskuuta 2014

Inspired by Aalto

Hello there!

Today I literally had to drag myself to our miniature workshop... My god! How much darker and shorter can a day get!? Since we got rid of the snow, November is showing its' true nature and it's not pleasant...
Anyway! Because I don't want to think about any miniature stairs building, or anything else too complicated  now, I decided to think and try something smaller instead: armchairs (and perhaps a settee too)!
Some years ago I bought this old miniature armchair. Isn't it an absolute beauty! There was some old (and loose) rattan in/between the armrests and as I took them  away, the armrest broke to pieces of course. Well, that was good, I think, because only then I could really see the beauty of this chair! I just love it and want to use it as a model to my my future miniature house's (living room's) furniture.
I see something Alvar Aalto in this chair, but if you don't know what I'm talking about, take a look at this site.

Today I also got acquainted with a new machine: jigsaw. What a machine!! I gut four armrests of 4 mm plywood in no time at all and will finish them by dremel at home very soon. I also managed to cut the blade twice within ten minutes so November? Well, it's not too bad after all!

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