keskiviikko 9. tammikuuta 2013

About the house

You may have read my previous blog but if not, here's a short update about what's going on.
Well, it's all about a dollshouse which I've been building for a few years. And the work is still going on. The house has now tree floor plus an attic. There are not going to be seen any dolls in this house
because I simply do not like dolls. But in my imagination Mr. and Mrs. Oiva and their dog Niilo are going to move into this building when it's finished. And when will my house be finished, heaven knows!
Oiva is an oldfashioned Finnish word and also a men's name that could be translated something like jolly or jolly good. Oiva is also a trade mark for a Finnish paint manufacturer's Rapid Filler. For years I've reminded my fellow dollshouse builders that Oiva is a girl's best friend! If there appears any unwanted scrape in the wood or any other misfortune Oiva is the answer to the proble. and believe me, I've used about a litre of it so far!

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