perjantai 15. maaliskuuta 2013

Tadaa part 2

Hi there boys and girls! 2/3 parts of my miniature house's facade is ready and done and if I may say myself, it looks suprisingly good. It was a real thriller to fit those windows, but eventually I desided to trust my eyes more than a measuring tape and I I'm HAPPY with the result! Building a (miniature) house without any drawn plans is a bumpy road with suprises, but fortunatelly some of the suprises are pleasent!

Our demanding weekend guest, Otto, is staying with us again so it's going to be no-no to any miniature projects and YES to plenty of fresh air, walks in a bloody freezing northern "spring"air! Last time when he was staying over I tried to ignore him / get him excited of a miniature word, but in vain! Otto just responded by acting as a doormat!
But You there! Have a good one!

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