lauantai 25. tammikuuta 2014

Baby steps

It has been quiet at my building site as you may have noticed. Typical January. Though days are getting longer, it seems very difficult to get anything done after the day job. Hibernation seems to be a fact among us northerners...
Anyway, some little progress has happened here. I have been working with the balcony doors and slowly but surely they are getting ready. In this picture the doors are still unfinished, because I haven't made up my mind if five glasses are too much or not. Any opinions, anybody?
In my first post this year I told about my idea for the balcony banisters. Before Christmas I had a chat with one of the blacksmiths at the local Christmas market and I asked if he could think of making a pair of miniature cast iron balusters for a miniature house. For his credit he didn't take me as a village idiot (or did not show his thoughts at least), but when I told my idea to our miniature building instructor, he seemed to think I'm an idiot. I knew it! Once you tell him about an (miniature) idea and maybe hint that there could be a shortcut to reach the result, you find yourself doing the work yourself! Am I going to be a blacksmith now, or is there a second best way to make those balusters? I don't know, but I know now that I'm the one who's going to make them!

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