sunnuntai 10. helmikuuta 2013

Goodbye moodiness!

Hello there!
AM's comment for my last post was a wakeup call much needed. Thak you AM for being so inspirational!
I really started to think what's wrong with me! Why do I take this dollshouse business so bloody seriously? Have I entered a competition? I THINK NOT!
Building a dollshouse is really fun but I think that the seasonal affective disorder is trying to catch me, thouhg a bit late this year. So, I'll take some Vitamine-D from a jar, stop whining and go treasure hunting!
This is very important because I've lost my favorite little saw with red handle! I guess I lost it during my thorough Christmas cleaning. (You know, what you can't sweep under a carpet you can always hide in cupboard)! Would really need to find it now but if I won't I'm sure I'll find plenty of other stuff I didn't know I have...

A little saw with a red handle... Can yoy see it in there?

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