torstai 21. helmikuuta 2013

Let's share some recipies!

While I'm once again waiting for paint to dry I decided to share with you my experience and knowledge of (minimal) plastering. I can't take the credit of this great innovation, because it's not mine, but I've tried it and at least my house's facade looks as I wanted it to look. The magic ingredient is semolina. It's cheap and available in your nearest grocery shop, I'm sure. Instead of cooking a porridge, you might want to try this recipe!

First paint the piece you are working at with (a base coat) of paint. Wait until the paint has dried.
Then spread evenly some glue on that painted surface. Do not use any quickly drying glue, mind you... While the glued surface is still wet, sprinkle semolina on the glue. Right, have a fag, pour yourself a glas of wine or take the hoover out of the cupboard, because you'll need it sooner or later.
Now then, there should  be semolina all over the glued surface and all over the floor. Preferably forget about the whole thing at least for some hours or over night (as if)! The idea is to leave the glued and semolina covered surface in peace, DON'T touch it, and never mind the floors!
When the porridge-cover surface has dried, brush or sweep by the palm of your hand all the extra away and admire your work! And then paint the surface once or twice with the colour you've chosen!

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