perjantai 8. helmikuuta 2013


One tiny problem half solved! As your's truly (the complete idiot) cut the frames too short, something had to be done. I know, here we go again, but take a deep breath!
To grow the hight of these frames I added those actually-not-too-bad-looking plastered pieces under the windows, but what now? Any ideas? Any at all? You see I was thinking of adding drop sprockets above the windows,  but now I'm not sure...The gaps, thank heavens are not as big as you may think according this picture,  but they are still wider than the gap between my upper front teeth, so help!
Mattblack painted drop sprockets? Or something plastered and utterly boring (but yet so familiar)  you would see in many facades of houses built during the first half of 1900's  in Helsinki and around?

Tippalippa vai ei? Jotainhan noille raoille ikkunoiden yläpuolella on tehtävä, mutta mitä? Ikkunoiden alareunaan lisäämäni rapattu uloke toimii mielestäni aika hyvin, eikä näytä itse asiassa ollenkaan hullummalta,  mutta kuinka tästä eteenpäin? Samaa rapattua seinäpintaan myös ikkunoiden yläpuolelle vai mattamustaksi maalatut tippalipat? (Onpas muuten niin hulvattoman hauska sana tuo tippalippa, etten saa siitä kyllikseni)! Mielipiteitänne innokkaasti odotellen!

T. Herra ja rouva Oiva + Niilo

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  1. Go for the utterly boring plastered drop sprockets and if you don't like it just paint them black. Have fun and experiment. I do love your windows and front facade. gr. AM

    1. Thank you AM for your encouragement and for such an easy solution! Now that I've looked at my house's front facades every time I've passed them today I think I'll indeed choose
      the utterly boring option. Take care! Anna