maanantai 22. huhtikuuta 2013

Always look on the bright side...

Our weekly workshop of miniature building is over for this spring, blaah! But on the other hand I've got my 'winter vacation' this week, so things are not too bad... As I'm not an eager winter fan, I try to save my one week vacation for as late as possible before summer vacation. I'm happy to tell you that all the snow has melted and some migrant birds have already arrived, so there's no reason to moan! This weekend there is an annual Model Expo held here in Helsinki and some of our building groups' works are going to be shown there. The idea is to bring some unfinished as well as finished works to the show, so my very unfinished house was an obvious choice... Is it going to be a rousing example or a warning, I wonder!?
Anyway, I decided to get my miniature kitchen as finished as possible. Already cut and glued the fake firewall, and yesterday I made a hood over the cooker. Our very demanding weekend guest did not appreciate my hobby (once again..). but as he's lounched back home now there's plenty of time for me to finish my work before weekend, I think.

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