tiistai 23. huhtikuuta 2013

For some reason...

....this morning the hood I made had fallen down off the wall and there was no electricity in the ceiling light. Why oh, why?? I especially want this late 50' / early 60' lamp to work in my miniature kitchen because I bough it from some fleemarket years ago for this purpose... And how I've abused that poor lamp! The plastic is so old, that it broke in pieces on the top (white part) so I added some extra piece of white painted soft metal there.(So far so good). Then I managed to break the red part at least in three pieces but didn't give up! I thought I can always turn the lamp shade around the way you won't see damidge I've done. Finally I got the lamp hanging from the ceiling and when it was time to solder the wires with tin I dropped some hot tin on the plastic frame and nearly melted the whole thing!! But the light was great, I can assure you and tomorrow is an other day. Time to get some light into my kitchen, I swear! And in stead of showing a picture of the damage I want to show you some beautiful flowers. See you!

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