torstai 19. helmikuuta 2015

A personal problem

Hi, my name is Anna and...

I confess,  on Monday I spent an hour or two in a fabric shop and ended buying two pieces of linen (different colours, mind you) to upholster my miniature sofa. At home I realized I didn't really like either of the colours , but decided to carry on anyway...  I do not recommend linen for these miniature upholstering jobs because it is a fabric which unravels very easily and is a bit difficult to handle. But I carried on anyway!

Today it's Thursday and I visited a fabric shop again!! If you are anything like me, you know that one never exits those shops without a purchase! Neither did I... I had already decided that I haven't really put my heart and soul on this miniature sofa and in my mind I could already see the next one I'll make.... STOP!! Yes, I confess! Today's visit to a fabric shop started from a cleanup. I tried to find an old photo of tree people sitting on a sofa which I've never seen anywhere else but in that photo. Couldn't find the photo, got fed up with clearing and searching, snatched the car keys and drove off to find a perfect fabric in case I'll find the photo, make my next (perfect) miniature sofa and so on...
Did I find the right fabric? I don't know, but now at least I've got even more pieces of fabrics in my stash and as I've already started this project, I'll just carry on and finishing this little green sofa!

PS. Honestly! I'm not trying to make a joke of anybody's substance abuse. If you or anybody near you has a problem I wish there is some help available and wish you've got courage to carry on. Take care!

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