torstai 5. maaliskuuta 2015

Oh no, the building inspector strikes again!

Hi there!

Tonight at our workshop I continued planning (yes, me planning)! and making my miniature attic.
I cut and treated wood for rafters, board etc. Before leaving back home I marked every piece carefully and I organized every part well in a large bag, because the attic element is still quite fragile and I dread to transport it from A to B and back to A again...

Otto - the rascal is a true opportunist.
Any bag put down on the floor means a potential yummy for him. Can you guess the rest of this story?

Well... tomorrow, in a daylight yours truly will pick up and organize the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle!

Any need for a four legged worker at any customs office? Anywhere? Our Otto - the hurricane, is a very hard working and very thorough!!

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