torstai 19. maaliskuuta 2015

Upside down

Hi there!

My miniature world turned upside down tonight. Our workshop crew, your's truly included, is going to show our work at Helsinki Model Expo in the beginning of April. I don't know how many times I've said Never again! but here we go again... We will have only one more workshop night before the exhibition so every minute counts...
It's so funny! Every autumn we always chat a lot, everybody wants to catch up, but these last hours in the spring are something really different. The's no chatting, no gossiping, only semi serious faces and a queue to all the "best" machines... Fortunately we all get along very well and there's a lot of progress to be seen around, if one only had time to look around!!

I focused to the attic. There's still quite a lot to do, but with a bit of luck, I'll get it nearly finished in time...

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