tiistai 27. tammikuuta 2015

The other half

Hello there!

Tonight I've been making the other pair of my miniature armchairs. In case you're interested, in this picture you can see nearly all the elements of the chairs. The body is made of wood. Also the sitting pillow is made of wood and to shape it, I used a lot of sandpaper and sandpaper and sandpaper... On the top of the sitting pillow I glued a piece of felt and on the back of the upholstery fabric I ironed a piece of buckram.
So far so good!
The upholstery fabric is thin cotton, easy to handle but all those stripes made me a bit anxious... It was a bit difficult but necessary to get those stripes even and it was necessary but difficult to avoid all the thick folds on the bottom! I used some tacky glue for all the fabrics and ordinary wood glue for wooden parts.

So! Now it's time to take my four-legged muse out for a walk and see after a while if the armrests fit!

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